Women Encouraging Each Other

Thank you so much for considering being a Sponsorship Partner with Women Encouraging Each Other. We do not take such a covenant relationship lightly. It’s our partners’ sponsorship that ensures that we can encourage women through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

You may not have the time or ability to travel around the world with us, but when you provide financial support, you become a big part of reaching many for Christ.

Upon partnering with Women Encouraging Each Other, we’ll send you a Partner Welcome Kit, which includes a few resources to help further explain our relationship with one another. Each month you will receive a monthly CD/DVD or special gift. You will also receive periodically updates, newsletters and messages to let you know the effectiveness of partnering with us. Becoming a Sponsorship Partner is an agreement to make a $30 monthly commitment to support the ministry of Women Encouraging Each Other

(By purchasing the $30 Sponsorship Partner you agree to recurring monthly payments to be deducted from your credit card used every 30 days. This financial purchase and commitment is non-refundable but can be cancelled at any time. Please note that your financial sponsorship is not tax deductible.)